1. E-BOOKS: EPUB, MOBI etc.:

There are a few books available in digital format.  Lately I prefer converting simply to .pdf so they can be put on the blog and downloaded.

Tales told to the Tooth Goddess is published by Partridge Publishing; they sent a link to a video about the book but the link is dead.

As mentioned, the blog Welcome to Kali Yuga [permanent link:] was converted into an e-book and is available from Amazon-Kindle under the title THE LAST AGE OF OUR BALANCING ACT by Abhithakuchalambal.  I hope to be able to post an order-form here in case any visitor wishes to use it.  The EPUB, MOBI etc formats are good for having your own copy to read on the plane heading for India, but the blog format is better since UPDATES are possible each year.  To compensate for this, a page called KALIYUGA is added to this site main menu bar which contains the updates year by year, beginning 2015.  I will write the 2016 update towards the end of this year.

Open and Spacious as the Sky is in .pdf form so that it can be downloaded.  This was a delightful creative excursion in the making by quickly selecting images of Seeds of Being water-colours, silk banners, black and white cartoons and even Personal Puppets, mixing them up with prose occasionally into a whimsical little piece that happened so fast, and it has become my favourite.  Right now all I need is to discover how to post an order-form so that anyone who would like to enjoy it can simply ask through email, meanwhile you can click on this link:

Open and Spacious as the Sky

Since this digital process is so very user-friendly – doesn’t use paper and is highly satisfying time-wise, I intend very soon to convert Seed Concertina, Myself by Seed and another series of lovely images: The Rounds of Drops, into digital format for sale at very low prices, order-able from here with the proper form when that’s done.


whoever brought me here . . . .jpg


   Whoever brought me here will have to take me home.




The first books made were physical books, small, printed cartoons with text – picture books, for adult or children:

Seed Concertina was printed by Dynamo house about twenty years ago, I only have one copy left; the images from this little book tell the Seed Story in it’s first simple form primarily for young children. Some of those images are posted here in the Secular-Sacred/Images section.

Myself by Seed was printed long ago in India for an exposition of Seeds of Being paintings held in Sienna – it is in both English and Italian.  Also with this book, the images are engaging and I have posted some also  in the Secular-Sacred/Images section.

The other little book in the image below is one of the hand-painted concertina booklets I once made in the format of Seed Concertina – there are quite a few of them, they are all original one-off booklets.

There are quite a few little concertina booklets but they do not scan well because they have little hard front and back covers which allow the light to enter the scanning machine, never mind, you can see many other examples in the section BLACK AND WHITE CARTOONS.   If anyone’s interested in these little one-off originals, then write me and I can send you terrible Xerox copies of the originals for you to decide which one/s you’re willing to risk enquiring about. They will not be expensive.  They are entirely original and totally authentic and pregnant with meaning.  Like buying a MotherCat with kittens inside.


Partridge recently published a collection of stories in a volume called Tales Told to the Tooth Goddess; the book looks and feels good to handle, the images are soft and sweet  . .  . .



Many of the stories from this book are now incorporated with new stories in a new volume entitled Tales Told published by ADBook Publishing Limited.

Here is a link which let’s hope takes you to a preview of the book:

It’s a nice big book, with some  funny stories, also pregnant with bi-cultural observations and friendly tokens of very basic human weakness.


These are two books that are printed by BookPod Melbourne, nice little Workbooks:

  1. My Amazing Green Food Factory by Seed:


Otherwise known as My Amazing Green, this is the third book in a series made long, long ago, in which the Heroine Seed tells her life-story in increasing detail.  The first in the series is called Seed Story, the second: My World and Me by Seed, neither of which are printed yet – but they will be, they will.

In this final story  My Amazing Green, she goes into great detail explaining how her cells work and how much she and we have in common.   Here is a page you can click on to zoom in;  it might entice you towards a fuller understanding of our marvellous world:

My Amazing Green sample for blog

In this image, Seed has allocated a job to Single Cell to tell how her body works.  Here is what Single Cell says:

I give out and take in – like you

I respond to changes

and reproduce myself.

My body contains a watery substance

in which floats my Control Centre

– my nucleus –

and all my other departments.

My body is bounded

by a rigid cellulose wall

and a pasma membrane

which regulates the flow

into and out of me.

I link up with other cells

to produce tissue.

As you see, its an extremely interesting story.

Since we are all members of species of sibling sentient beings,  of course we do have a lot in common!  Our human ignorance and vested interests alienate us from a great deal of awesome beauty.  This book was truly exciting to make because until it happened that I needed to know how a plant’s body works, I didn’t; like most people.  I remember when dear friend Nawazuddin took a look at this book and said: This is a book for adults!  So we can say it’s just a book for humans.

Being very corny on the back cover our heroine Seed says:

Oh give me sunshine and give me rain

and the air you breathe out and in again.  Oh give me kindness but don’t forget

though I’m rooted to the spot I’m definitely not

dead to the world, uncaring.

In this guided tour of my Food-Factory

you’ll discover how much I am sharing.


We humans tend to forget that Plants are the ones who feed the rest of us, including fires . . . and our Earth.  They are truly Sannyasins although it does seem that most humans don’t even recognise that they are also sentient beings.   This book is worth circulating in this world on their behalf.


And here is another piece of propaganda for the Botanical Kingdom:


This is the front cover so you can see it really is a Book-Book.  Here is a clearer image you should be able to click to enlarge further if you wish:


The Rats are Out  also is a serious funny work-book; it has inset-pockets inside front and back covers containing useful resources.   In front:  a strip-cartoon of the Rats’ story before they break out of their box called The Rats in the Box.  In the back pocket is  a script for the story of what happens after what happened after they broke out.

To give you a fore-taste, here are two pages from a full page spread from The Rats in the Box strip cartoon, of them queueing up to get out through the garbage hole:

Rats beginning of queueRats queue end


You can see some images taken from Shadow-Puppet performances of The Rats in the Box at Rishi Valley School in Andhara Pradash in India years ago, if you follow this link to an introduction on the subject:


As you can probably imagine, the queueing-up to get out scene was the most fun.

The Rats in the Box were imprisoned in their own world, you see, as we are.  Also like us, they loved babies so much that life became extremely difficult simply because there were far too many of them and not enough things.  Suddenly there came the notion that there are heaps of other kinds of babies OUTSIDE  the box.  Then there comes the notion that perhaps they could get out of the box through the garbage hole.   So they start queueing up and one by one they do get out into the wonderful free world of baby every-things.

Once free outside they will begin by making good use of their garbage heap.  They will sort it into piles so as to make the most of each pile.

With the Old pants and shirts and paper pile, they make puppets.  They use these to tell their own story in a puppet show:

Rats Puppet Show


Here also you see our Heroine Seed gets into the act too.  Very productive.


This is partly my own story because when my daughter was young we tore up old clothes and paper to make a whole lot of little Rat glove puppets to tell our story.  It was nice.  I have no photos or scripts of this because I didn’t have a camera then or realise that in the future I would be writing this.

The Rats are Out is such a silly story.  They use old bits and pieces of wood on their garbage pile to build a Big Wheel for fun, and a wagon to carry it off into the future.

And this is the back cover where they are on their way:

Rats back cover resized


As you see on this pack cover, they are all particularly curious about what’s coming up ahead.  The Seed sitting up there on the Big Wheel on top of the cart calls: Looks like a lot of upset Pots!

And as you will see in the script, the story they are moving in to begins when an angry mob of clay pots are coming in to confront them from the right, anxiously looking towards the rats, talking amongst themselves: Oh What’s this! Not more trouble!  . . . .

So: it’s a matter of intrigue.   Easy for our monkey-minds to get our teeth into.  I think the story is that PlasticPots are conniving to upstage the ClayPots, who summon up the resources to institute a Plastic-Pot-Recycling-Factory.  It gets exciting.

Both these books are sturdy work-books anticipating much handling by young persons.  They were printed by BookPod in Australia and are – as you can see – spiral-bound for easier handling.  My Amazing Green is AUD $20 and The Rats are Out is $25.  Please email me if you are interested and we can discuss payment and transportation, at least until there appears a payment/ordering form here.  . . . Might take some time.  . . .  But doesn’t it all!?