The Signs of the Zodiac are part of all our lives, familiar to us all and naturally inviting to personalise as puppets, they make terrific gifts for family, friends and business acquaintances; they are sure to have a definite benevolent presence in our personal spaces:

Aries1  TaurusThe Gemini

Aries the Ram is the positive sign of Mars, Cardinal, Earthly Fire, the Head of the Cosmic Woman; Aries stands for the beginning of Cosmic Evolution, a symbol of the creative impulse and of the spirit at the moment of inception.  Aries gives independence, force, self-expression and a strong personal orientation in life.  Aries says “I am!” [21/03 to 20/04]

Taurus the Bull is the negative sign of Venus, fixed, Watery Earth, the face and neck of the Cosmic Woman. Taurus expresses the Springtime pugnacity of the bull, fucundation and procreative potential. It gives a strong sense of relationship, partnership, communication of feeling and an impetus towards harmony in organisation of the immediate environment.  Taurus says “I have!” [21/04 to 21/05]

The Gemini – twins, is the positive sign of Mercury, mutable, Earthly Air, shoulders of the Cosmic Woman.  The Gemini represent creative nature and created nature, divine creative activity operating through polarisation of spirit and matter. This sign gives an energetic nature seeking change and interchange, motion and invention.  The Gemini say “I think!” [22/05 to 21/06]

Cancer Leo

Cancer The Crab, is the negative sign of our Moon, Cardinal, Earthly Water, the chest of the Cosmic Woman. Cancer symbolises the differentiated consciousness increasingly involved in different levels of manifestation.  It gives striving for mental and emotional stability and happiness.  Cancer says “I feel!” [22/06 to 23/07]

Leo the lion is the positive sign of our Sun, fixed, watery Fire, the solar plexus of the Cosmic Woman.  Leo symbolises the emergence of concrete forms and shapes in space-time.  It gives motivation for order and harmony around a central will and character force.  Leo says “I will!” [24/07 to 23/08]

Virgo the virgin Libre

Virgo the virgin is the negative sign of Mercury, mutable, Airy Earth, the intestines of the Cosmic Woman. Virgo symbolises the World Mother, The Feminine, who belongs to herself.  It gives the impetus to balance energy particularly between body and mind.  Virgo says “I distil!” [24/08 to 23/09]

Libra the balance, is the positive sign of Venus, Cardinal, Fiery Air, the lower abdomen of the Cosmic Woman.  Libra designates the equilibrium between the Solar World and Planetary manifestation.  It is a symbol of inner harmony and of intercommunication between the left side – unconscious matter – and the right side – consciousness and spirit.  Libra says “I love!” [24/09 to 23/10]

Scorpio Sag.

Scorpio the scorpion is the negative sign of Pluto, Fixed, Fiery Water, the sexual organs of the Cosmic Woman.  Scorpio is a most mysterious sign.  It represents what is hidden, unknown, insight beyond understanding.  It gives a capacity to seek balance and stability on profound levels.  Scorpio says “I transform!” [24/10 to 22/11]

Sagittarius the Centaur is the positive sign of Jupiter, Mutable, Airy Fire, the hips of the Cosmic Woman.  Sagittarius symbolises the complete human, at once animal and spiritual, worthy of divine origin.  In conformity with nature, performance is guided by Divine Purpose.  The dawn of the Divine Urge here unfolds expansion of consciousness.  It gives grace, beneficence, completion and full harmony, manifestation of will in action.  Sagittarius says “I aim!” [23/11 to 22/12]

Capricorn  Aquarius

Capricorn the goat is the negative sign of Saturn, Cardinal, Fiery Earth, the knees of the Cosmic Woman.  Capricorn signifies the dual tendencies of life – towards the heights and towards the abyss- the involvement of the spirit in grossest matter.  It is a sign of practical realisation, it shows a state of order, power and organisation.  Capricorn says “I apply!” [23/12 to 20/01]

Aquarius the water-bearer is the positive sign of Saturn and Uranus, Fixed, Watery Air, the lower legs of the Cosmic Woman.  Aquarius symbolises the dissolution and decomposition of forms, the loosening of bonds and the eminence of liberation through the destruction of world phenomena.  It indicates groupies and the need to understand what individuality means.  Aquarius says “I intuit!” [21/01 to 19/02]


Pisces – fishes is the negative sign of Neptune, mutable, Airy Water, feet of the Cosmic Woman.  Pisces symbolises the resurgence of Cosmic Energy from the ptimotfisl frpyhd, yhr gins momrny go fiddoluyion, vonysininh yhr brhinninh go s new cycle.  `pisces shows the complete display of all possibilities although not necessarily their integration.   Pisces says “I unify!” [20/02 to @0/03]

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