After all this time I have recently returned from India into the Corona-virus lockdown, living up in the highlands on the .Ballan-Daylesford Road in Bunding (3342). It’s a lovely big home on a farm surrounded by forest, three other people live here who seem to be out most of the time.
What came as a shock is how isolated this farm is; this doesn’t auger well for holding the workshops I’d like to hold
My house has plenty of space so that paintings and cartoons can be hung on walls and I put many poems up in an appropriate place —- all of which was a breath of fresh air because a substantial amount of artwork has been imprisoned in storage for quite some years.
Although I have had several WordPress sites and blogs, WP doesn’t seem to recognise me anymore so I’m adding my comeback to an old blog that fortunately survives.
‘Artwork’ can cover a variety of objects/words however now I’m interested in conveying some worldly and maybe spiritual understandings. It seems in seemingly forthright to begin ostensibly teaching whatever I can, I’d greatly prefer to trust that whatever wisdom is relevant to the lives of others with leaks out beneath the surface . . . such as in images and poems. Plus the ‘Playful Personas’ – which are inviting to play with – are impatient to claim attention. If not with playful workshops, then with an evolving chorus line. I shall post a few here week by week. There are hundreds. So here we go:

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  1. Initially I typed in ‘unseemly’ which is precisely the word I wanted.
    WP wanted another – incorrect – word.
    Now THREE times I’ve changed ‘inseemly’ to ‘unseemly’ on this page.
    I wonder what one has to do to express oneself successfully in WP!


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